Loudoun 2040

As Loudoun finalizes its growth plans
for the next 20 years, 
it is time to

Make Your Voice Heard!

Loudoun County will soon finalize its land use and transportation plans that will shape the face and growth of our community for the next 20 years.

Known as Loudoun 2040, this plan will guide all the major decisions the County will make in the future and will have a major impact on the economic prosperity and quality of life our community enjoys.

Unless the Loudoun business community shows up to make its Voice Heard, the decisions made may actually inhibit Loudoun’s economic growth, diminish our business climate and place more of the tax burden on our residents and remaining businesses.

We know the tremendous impact that local business has on our prosperity and quality of life.


Draft Loudoun 2040 Plan     Envision Loudoun Status Update


Statement to Stakeholder Committee


Testimony to Loudoun Planning Commission 11.7.18

Tom Toth

As a Loudoun resident, young professional, employee of a locally owned small business, nothing will impact my future more than increased investment in economic development.  It will provide more jobs and create a funding pathway for more housing options for citizens of all incomes to afford to live here.”


-Tom Toth, Toth Financial Advisory Corp.

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Contact the Loudoun County Planning Commission at loudounpc@loudoun.gov and Contact the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors at bos@loudoun.gov to express your thoughts on Loudoun 2040.