Appropriate land-use planning must take place in Loudoun County to maximize the opportunities for development for housing and commercial use. If we do not focus on proper land-use, we will inhibit businesses from moving to the county, and discourage new affordable housing.

The Challenges presented by Loudoun’s Land Use Plan

  • Lack of planning for mid-priced housing means increased commute times for those who can not afford to live where they work.
  • Limited housing supply is driving up housing prices and rents. The average home price in Loudoun is $449,000.
  • Loudoun’s current land use plans focus too much on isolated employment centers and not enough on transit-oriented and mixed-use projects that locate housing options near areas of employment and leisure.

The Solution: Create Land Use Policies that Make Loudoun Virginia’s Top Destination for Growth

  • Businesses and economies need the right conditions to grow. Loudouns’ land use policies must allow for creative, flexible and market-aware thinking.
  • Loudoun should streamline the process for amending the Comprehensive Plan to allow for flexible and timely responses to evolving market conditions and technological innovation.
  • Loudoun’s rural businesses define the unique character of Loudoun. County policies must view the rural economy and rural businesses as treasures to be nurtured, not as intrusions.
  • We must provide a full spectrum of housing and employment options to support commercial, entertainment, educational, agricultural, and recreational activity.
  • Loudoun’s land use policies must work to expand housing choices for the entire workforce and to make it easier for businesses to locate, operate, and grow in our County.
  • Encourage efficient use of land and maximize the use of existing infrastructure, public facilities, and community amenities.
  • Loudoun must leverage private sector support through better land-use and zoning incentives.
  • Reserve adequate amounts of commercially-zoned land for cluster growth.

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