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The concept of LeadShare is simple yet effective.  LeadShare is designed to assist participants to expand their business network.  Each group meets twice a month to learn more about each members business and the kind of clients and opportunities each one is seeking. Every position in a group is industry exclusive.

Below, our 13 LeadShare group details are listed. Please visit each group’s website to determine if they are in need of someone in your industry.

* To join a group, please contact the group leader for an online form.

I can with 100% certainty say, that in the past 3 years, I credit my growth and success in the local market to my amazing Leadshare group. I have been shouting this from the rooftops since year one when I instantly began seeing results. The Chamber members I have met have far surpassed my expectations. It is very rare that I cannot find the services I am seeking either for myself or for my clients. Leadshare offers owners everything they need to launch their business and ensure it thrives.

– Sharon L. Wright, Loudoun Clear Marketing LLC

Eastern Loudoun Groups

Aging Advisory LeadShare

Fairway Independent Mortgage
1st & 3rd Thursday
9:00 AM
Lisa Giraci-Regoni
Pam Reynolds

Group Roster

B2B Leadshare

The National Conference Center
1st & 3rd Tuesday
8:00 AM
Adam Levin

Group Roster



LoCo Leadshare

Paul Davis Restoration
2nd & 4th Wednesday
12:15 PM
Cyndi Hentschel

Group Roster



Ashburn Ashkickers

Belmont Country Club
2nd & 4th Friday
12:00 PM
Eric Bost

Group Roster 


Chamber Champions

1st & 3rd Tuesday
8:00 AM
Cortney Heykoop

Group Roster 


Dulles East

Century 21 Redwood Realty
2nd & 4th Thursday
9:30 AM
Gayle King

Group Roster


Loudoun Connection

Atlantic Coast Mortgage
1st and 3rd Thursday
8:00 AM
Karen Long

Group Roster


Loudoun Premier Leadshare

French Hound Brasserie
2nd and 4th Wednesday
7:45 AM
Susan Banville

Group Roster


Potomac Promoters

Paul Davis Restoration
2nd & 4th Wednesday
8:00 AM
Carol Kearney

Group Roster


Central Loudoun Groups

Loudoun Business Leaders

Yummy Pig
1st & 3rd Thursday
8:30 AM
Phil Sessoms

Group Roster


Loudoun Business Partners

1757 Golf Club
2nd & 4th Tuesday
8:45 AM
Charlie Hutchison

Group Roster 


Potomac Leadership Group

Tuscarora Mill
1st & 3rd Friday
12:00 PM
Pam Jones

Group Roster


Western Loudoun Groups

Western Loudoun Leadshare

Loudoun Golf & Country Club
1st & 3rd Thursday
8:30 AM
Bryan Casey

Group Roster