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The concept of LeadShare is simple yet effective.  It is designed to assist participants to expand their business network.  Each LeadShare Group meets twice a month to learn more about each members business and the kind of clients and opportunities each one is seeking.

Below, the 13 LeadShare group’s details are listed. Please visit each Group’s website to determine if they are in need of someone in your industry.

I can with 100% certainty say, that in the past 3 years, I credit my growth and success in the local market to my amazing Leadshare group. I have been shouting this from the rooftops since year one when I instantly began seeing results. The Chamber members I have met have far surpassed my expectations. It is very rare that I cannot find the services I am seeking either for myself or for my clients. Leadshare offers owners everything they need to launch their business and ensure it thrives.

– Sharon L. Wright, Loudoun Clear Marketing LLC

Eastern Loudoun Groups

B2B Leadshare

The National Conference Center
1st & 3rd Tuesday
8:00 AM
Adam Levin

Group Roster

LoCo Leadshare

Paul Davis Restoration
2nd & 4th Wednesday
12:15 PM
Cyndi Hentschel

Group Roster

Ashburn Ashkickers

Belmont Country Club
2nd & 4th Friday
12:00 PM
Eric Bost

Group Roster 

Chamber Champions

The Colonial Inn/Downtown Leesburg
1st & 3rd Tuesday
8:00 AM
Cortney Heykoop

Group Roster 

Dulles East

Century 21 Redwood Realty
2nd & 4th Thursday
9:30 AM
Gayle King

Group Roster

Loudoun Connection

Atlantic Coast Mortgage
1st and 3rd Thursday
8:00 AM
Karen Long

Group Roster

Loudoun Premier Leadshare

French Hound Brasserie
2nd and 4th Wednesday
7:45 AM
Asmita Pradhan

Group Roster


Potomac Promoters

Paul Davis Restoration
2nd & 4th Wednesday
8:00 AM
Carol Kearney

Group Roster

Central Loudoun Groups

Loudoun Business Leaders

Yummy Pig
1st & 3rd Thursday
8:30 AM
Matthew Romans

Group Roster

Dulles South LeadShare

Ciro Ristorante
1st & 3rd Thursday
Erik Scudder

Group Roster 

Loudoun Business Partners

1757 Golf Club
2nd & 4th Tuesday
8:45 AM
Charlie Hutchison

Group Roster 

Potomac Leadership Group

Tuscarora Mill
1st & 3rd Friday
12:00 PM
Pam Jones

Group Roster

Western Loudoun Groups

Western Loudoun Leadshare

Loudoun Golf & Country Club
1st & 3rd Thursday
8:30 AM
Bryan Casey

Group Roster