Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions

Loudoun County is consistently bringing new jobs and increasing it’s population each year. This increase in employment opportunities and residents presents a serious issue in our infrastructure. We need to work towards creating viable options to decrease traffic congestion in Loudoun County and it’s major roadways.

The Challenges to Loudoun’s Transportation Grid

  • Infastructure investment has not kept pace with economic and population growth.
  • Many roads are years behind in scheduled improvements and expansion.

The Solution: Invest in Transportation to Support Economic Growth and Improve Quality of Life

  • Loudoun’s economy depends on workforce, customers, and suppliers. We must fix the constant gridlock on Routes 15, 9 and 50, and create new connections to Maryland and Prince William.
  • Loudoun’s investment in Metro’s Silver Line must be supported with improved roadway access to our new train stations. The same is true for Loudoun’s other top employment centers.
  • Dulles Airport is Loudoun’s top economic asset and we must focus investment to improve traffic on Route 28, Route 50, and Route 606 around the airport.
  • Loudoun needs policies that encourage transit-oriented development and mixed-use projects that locate housing near jobs, to reduce reliance on cars to commute to work.
  • The Chamber supports local transit to serve the major businesses and job centers in Loudoun.
  • We need transportation choices that connect people to their communities, employment centers, educational institutions, activity centers, and other amenities.
  • Integration with neighboring jurisdictions to improve regional connectivity and to attract residents and businesses to Loudoun County must be a top priority
  • Loudoun needs a transportation network supportive of the County’s vision to support economic development, create vibrant, safe communities and public spaces and protect natural resources. The Benefits of Solid Transportation Options in Loudoun
  • A better transportation network in Loudoun County will improve the quality of life by reducing the time Loudoun residents spend in traffic.
  • Fewer hours spent driving means less pollution and fewer fuel costs for businesses and residents.
  • Reduced traffic will help businesses reach customers more quickly, improving service and creating new business opportunities.
  • Less congestion makes Loudoun employers more attractive to high-quality employees from around the region and beyond.

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