Economic Development

Economic Development

Loudoun is a world class place in which to live, work and play.  Our strong business climate and leadership values our businesses as partners and their impact of the lives of all citizens.

If we don’t protect our priorities; a destination for commercial investments, business expansion and job growth, the fruits of prosperity that are enjoyed by every citizen will be at risk.

Challenges to Loudoun’s Economic Success

  • Restrictive land-use policies that limit innovation among our landowners, developers, and businesses.
  • Over-reliance on Federal spending has exposed Loudoun’s vulnerability in times of tight national budgets and the threats of sequestration and government shutdowns.
  • Competition for business expansion,  relocations, and start-ups from local, national and even international jurisdictions continues to grow fiercer.
  • A mistaken notion that Loudoun’s future economic and quality of life success will continue unabated, and that business investment and growth is not needed to sustain our economic development success.

The Solution: Economic Development Investment

  • Expand and emphasize a customer-focused approach that views businesses as partners in Loudoun’s success.
  • Prioritize workforce attraction through housing, transportation and economic opportunities and the development of education and training resources.
  • Allow creative, flexible and market-aware thinking in land use policy to create desirable destinations for commercial and residential growth throughout the County
  • Diversify our economy by creating policy focused on attracting industries aligned with our strengths; technology, aerospace, health innovation, aviation, data centers, tourism and agriculture
  • Increase investments in national and international marketing and business development to reach new markets and further diversify our economy
  • Maintain policies that allow Loudoun’s rural economy to thrive as they are essential to Loudoun’s fiscal health and unique character

The Benefits of Economic Development in Loudoun

  • Income and tax revenue growth from more Loudoun-based jobs and less reliance on residential taxpayers to fund schools, public safety and other government services.
  • Nationally-ranked school system that is launching the Academies of Loudoun and nearly 100% full-day kindergarten is only possible due to the resources generated through commercial growth.
  • Continued low unemployment rates as a result of business expansion and job creation.

We Must Invest in the Resources that Made
Loudoun Virginia’s Top Destination for Investments

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