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Using Social Media for Your Business

Blog Post by Lisa Karl, Savvy Digital Business

Let me get this out of the way: No, you absolutelydo not have to be on Facebook. Or any other social media for your business. Lisa and I always advise our clients that you should be where your customers are and where you are most comfortable being.

A lot of people are puzzled over that statement, but the reality is, unless you are comfortable with the tool (social media) or are willing to learn, you won’t use it. An abandoned social profile (last post circa 2010) is worse than no profile at all.

If you do want to use social media for your business (and I do think you mostly should), the first thing you need to know is it all begins with a strategy. By planning first and not just jumping in or on the newest fad, you’ll build a sustainable social media presence for your business.

Develop your strategy with these goals in mind:

  • Increase awareness
  • Drive traffic
  • Convert Sales

Your social media networks should increase awareness of your product or service through information you post about your company, resolving customer questions and problems, and telling your story. From there, drive traffic to your online or B&M store through CTAs (call-to-action), and convert sales. As you build your online business persona and develop credibility and influence, your audience moves from passive to active to brand ambassadors.

Begin your plan with narrowly defining your customer. Isn’t that where it all begins with everything for business? Know your customer and you’ll figure out where your audience is on social media. More than likely, there will be more than one social media network you could use to reach your audience, however, if you’re just jumping on social media for your business, pick one and develop that network before adding in a second or third one. 

Our goal at Savvy Digital Business is to develop tools and strategies for small business owners to manage their own social media effectively, without the time suck. Our two biggest tools are using a content schedule and an editorial calendar. You can read more about those tools by clicking on the links.

Social media is a great tool for reaching your customer directly, having a conversation, and getting to know your audience. Thinking about adding a new product or service? Changing the color of a product? You have your very own focus group right at your keyboard!

So relax and have fun with showing off your business and your passion on social media!

Savvy Digital Team: Lisa Karl and Lisa Shaughnessy are marketing pros with over 20 years of experience each in all forms of marketing. They are the team that have helped many people expand their business and increase their sales through social media. Follow them on Twitter or find them on Facebook.