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Why Should I Take the Healthy Business Challenge?

What is the Healthy Business Challenge?

The healthy business challenge is an online scorecard that is quick and easy to fill out. Developed by the Loudoun Chamber’s Health and Wellness Business Initiative, it is an opportunity for your business to think about and implement a Wellness Program.

How do I sign up for the Healthy Business Challenge?

Here is the link to the challenge. You do not need to be a member of the Loudoun Chamber to participate!

Why Should My Business have a Wellness Program?

Wellness Programs have been proven to make employees feel more valued by a company simply by providing the program, which sets your business apart from your competitors. Healthy employees also translate to more income because happy healthy employees will do a superior job and there is less loss of productivity do to sick days. Whether you are a small business or have hundreds of employees this challenge is for you and any sized business can benefit.

What if my business is too small for a wellness program?

THIS SCORECARD IS ABSOLUTELY FOR YOUR BUSINESS. With small businesses employees tend to wear more than one hat and losing an individual for a just one day can have a large impact on a company’s engine that used to running lean and mean. Use the scorecard and resource guide to help you build an effective program. YOU DO NOT NEED A WELLNESS PORTAL TO HAVE A VERY EFFECTIVE WELLNESS PROGRAM!

The scorecard has categories for solo-preneurs up to businesses with 500+ employees. No business is too small. Not everything in life is about winning, so be aware that your business’ is scored against like-sized business.

Wellness Programs are too expensive, where I am I to find the room in my budget?

You might be surprised about how many points you can get on the scorecard by just making changes that do not require you to spend any money.  However, investing in a wellness program is a long-term solution to improve employee health & improve productivity in the work place.

What benefits come with participating in the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Healthy Business Challenge?

All businesses who participate are formally recognized for their wellness efforts at the Annual Healthy Business Challenge Awards Ceremony on June 9th.

Some of the benefits of being one of Loudoun’s Healthiest Employers include:

  • Exposure on the chamber’s Web site, in eNewsletters, and local media outlets
  • Formal recognition and award presentation
  • Healthy Business Logo to use on Company Website Recruitment Materials, Email Signatures, and throughout the Office
  • Spotlight recognition in chamber eNewsletter and Blog — *For the top winners in each category
  • Happy, Healthy, Productive Employees!!

Does my company need to be in the Loudoun Chamber to participate?

Nope, the more the merrier, you do not have to be a member of the Chamber to fill out the scorecard J!

When should I sign up?

Sign up TODAY! The challenge is open until March 31st, and the sooner you complete the challenge the more time your company has to improve it’s score and wellness program.