The Health & Wellness Committee’s mission is to empower Loudoun businesses and employees to make positive lifestyle changes that improve our community’s health, happiness and productivity.  We will do this by providing information, guidance and access to trusted resources.  This year we are hosting the Live, Be, Work & Stay Well movement.  There will be an interactive social media campaign with tips, featured stories and more, as well informative programs and educational workshops to inspire businesses and employees to make those positive lifestyle changes!

  • Q1 Live Well – Fitness and Nutrition
  • Q2 Be Well – Stress Management and Mental Health
  • Q3 Work Well – ROI and Policy
  • Q4 Stay Well Loudoun

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Meeting Information

Date:  3rd Wednesday of each month
Time:  10:00 a.m.
Location:  Loudoun Chamber Office
To attend:  All guests are welcome. Please email the staff liaison to confirm the date and location for this month’s meeting.


Laura Crump Anderson,
InForm Fitness


Jennifer Brady,
Loudoun County Health Department


Jaclyn O’Brien,
FreshEye Innovative Solutions

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