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Meet the ’19 SBA Finalists! Conflict Kinetics

Congratulations to Conflict Kinetics for being a finalist this year for the 25th Anniversary of the Loudoun Small Business Awards! View the full list of finalists here. These awards will be held on November 8, 2019 at The National Conference Center. Register Here!

Conflict Kinetics is a finalist in the Technology Innovator of the Year category! Post submitted by Duffy Paulson, the Vice President of Strategic Integration.

1.  Tell us your story of how your busines evolved into what it is today.

We developed our business off of the premis that our warfighters, agents, and law enforcment should have every skillset and advantage readily availabe in their time of need,  so they can “win” everyday.  We noticed that the traditional training methods are basically the same methods since WWII, however, the landscape, tactics, enemies, and fighting challenges have changed greatly and continue to change, Our mission is to instill  the mastery of the mind, body, and weapon as one elevated system that can make decisions in a split second, see first, react first, and hit first.  Solve the problem and train for your worst day.

2.  What would it mean to you and your company to win a Small Business Award?

The award would be a major accomplishment that obviously would be shared and would not be possible without those men and women that we are blessed enough to train.  It would be an award that all of Loudoun County should celebrate, as this is our home and our community plays a large part in our mission’s success.

3.  What is the smallest thing that has made the largest impact on your business? 

Handshakes and smiles shared after training–it is in these small moments and gestures that you know what you are teaching is new, accepted, and highly impactful on the community that has never been introduced to this type of evolution prior.

4.  Who is the one person that has influenced you the most in your career? 

My wife and daughters.  They understand the importance and time and sacrifice that many times means long trips away, missing games or events, and yet they never waiver, they stay strong and keep me motivated to accomplish the mission.

5.  What is your favorite thing about running a business in Loudoun County?

The community as a whole is so cutting edge and welcoming.  There are so many tech training companies that we can work with and who are helping our mission evolve daily.

6.  How do you see your business evolving in the next 10 years?

We will see a major uptick in the Human Performance sector, enhanced by AI, VR, and full emmersion.  The ability to baseline and measure, heal, fix, and elevate the warfighter/agent/Law Enforcement Officer in ways that could only be imagened a couple of years ago is now on our threshold.  We will see that by using hard core data leadership will be able to select, ramp up, train, and tailor specific exercises to specific missions.  We will be able to “stack the deck” in the favor of our warfighters/agents/ and LE offices in a way that can only be imagened today.

7.  If you’re not in the office where can we find you/what is another passion you have? 

Climbing rock walls or playing golf.  Both are impossible to ever truly master, and it is that continual quest of mastery with no possible ceiling that make me tick.

8.  What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?

I wanted to be a professional Baseball Player.

9.  If you have 24-hours off, and your family was out of town, what would you do? 

I’d look for someone or some unit to train.  There is not enough time in the day to give to these men and women.  I have a distinct passion for training and working within our community, basically, I’d be on the range getting after it.

10.  What is one book that you would recommend everyone read? 

Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield


Congratulations to Conflict Kinetics for being a finalist! Good luck at the Small Business Awards this year.