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YP Spotlight August: Jamie Pearson

Written by Kevin Arbogast, Vice Chair of the Loudoun Young Professionals Committee


This month’s spotlight is long overdue; Jamie Pearson is a pillar of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional Initiative.  Jamie has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for several years and is one of the original members of the Young Professional Initiative.  Much of what the Initiative and Committee is today is a direct result of Jamie’s involvement and leadership.  He was the Chair of the YP Committee for the 2011 and 2012 calendar years. 

Jamie Pearson is a Loudoun County native.  Having grown up in the Middleburg and Leesburg communities, Jamie arguably knows everyone that has long standing roots in this great county.  Jamie first started working for Middleburg Bank in 1998 as a teller in the Middleburg location.  Since then he was worked through the ranks and is now a Business Banker & Assistant Retail Bank Manager for the Leesburg branch on Fort Evans Road.

Jamie has been heavily involved within the community outside of the bank as well.  He serves as a Financial Advisor and on the Board of Directors for the Middleburg Community Center.  The Middleburg Community Center hosts numerous free events throughout the year, from Senior Dinners, 4th of July celebrations, Halloween festivities, and Family Fun Night events to name a few. 

Jamie has also been a Board Member of the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation.  He has served this Middleburg based non-profit by helping organize and run their 5k fundraising events and past golf tournaments.

Jamie volunteers for the Reality Store, a Loudoun Education Foundation program.  This program helps to provide high school aged children with a perception of economic realism.  The students partake in an educational experience that is meant to mimic actual lifestyle and financial decisions. 

Jamie also has been heavily involved with the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, among other networking activities.  Jamie is a close friend of mine and helped to welcome me into the community when I moved here several years ago from out of state.  Jamie has a large group of friends and enjoys helping people whenever he can.


Written by Kevin Arbogast, Portfolio Manager at Toth Financial Advisory Corporation