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Under the Hard Hat: Topgolf Loudoun

We’ve gone “Business the Business” with some of Loudoun’s great businesses, now let’s go “Under the Hard Hat” with one of Loudoun’s most talked about new businesses, Topgolf Loudoun.

We spent an afternoon with Willie Wilson, Topgolf Loudoun’s Director of Operations, who gave us a behind the scenes tour of the contruction and a glimpse into the future of this new style of outdoor recreation and year round entertainment. Located at the southest corner of Route 7 and Loudoun County Parkway, this facility is the first to be opened as part of The Peterson Companies’ Commonwealth Center.

So what is Topgolf?  In Short, Topgolf is Everything.  For Golfers, it’s three levels of driving range “bays” (think bowling lanes) that can accomodate up to 6 golfers per bay.  At max capacity, the three levels can accomodate a total of 612 golfers with each golf ball being paired to an individual golfer, tracked and scored for competitions between the parties.

For Loudoun’s more social residents, There will be 3 bars and a rooftop terrace overlooking Loudoun’s western skyline (see above right) with plenty of space for private parties of up to 100, aracade and children’s activities, and a full service restaurant on site.

If you’d like to connect with Topgolf here’s how:

For Jobs (Yes, They Are Hiring!) Hiring Events start soon.  Click Here for More Info

For Events and Parties Contact Cassandra Taylor, Director of Events