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Under the Hard Hat: StoneSprings Hospital Center

Thanks to the team at StoneSprings Hospital for having us and touring us around the construction site!

We had a blast yesterday walking through the newest hospital in Loudoun, StoneSprings Hospital Center. Thank you to Jennifer, Ben and the whole team for having us!

The main question I had about this construction site was a question many have about any business in Loudoun — is there room to grow? The answer is “yes,” as told by Senior Project Manager Brig Eastman, from Brasfield & Gorrie, the current bed count is 124, but can double when the need arises in the community. 

HCA Healthcare is the largest for-profit operator of healthcare facilities in the world, and through thatexperience, has determined the best way to layout hospitals has a lot to do with “flow.” As we walked through the construction site, it was pointed out how the convenience of one unit next to another will make the patient experience as good as possible. In this walk-through, the part of the hospital that stood out to me the most was the emergency room, which had a few special rooms protected from the rest of the ER just for children. Emergency rooms can be scary enough, so these rooms face inward to each other, have their own bathroom, and will be designed to provide a kid-friendly environment.

Here are some fun facts about the new hospital:

  • 5 Stories, 234,000 Sqft
  • 124 Beds
  • December 2015 Opening!
  • 500 Employees and 500+ physicians
  • 22 Million pounds of concrete was poured
  • 200 Million pounds of rock and dirt were moved on site
  • Enough medical gas piping was installed to go to the top of the Washington Monument 66 times

At this time the decision has not been made about how to utilize the StoneSpring Emergency Center that is currently operating across the street, but some ideas are being tossed around. We are told that they don’t want to rush into a decision, and want to make sure whatever happens it’s the best decision for the Dulles South and Loudoun community as a whole.

If you’d like more information about the hospital, please contact Jennifer Knowlton,, Director of Marketing and Communications, and she’d be glad to help you! Thanks to the StoneSprings team for having us!