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The Post-Election Harvest

Blog Series by Brian Fauls, Government Affairs Manager, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce

One of the most fundamentally laws of the universe is the Law of Cause and Effect.  This Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you’ve ever seen someone playing with a Newton’s cradle (this thing) you’ve seen this Law in action.

Our entire political history is the result of this law in action.  Our textbooks are full of examples of how a spoken word here or a vote there changed the course of modern history.  What would the world be like if those actions never happened?  In fact, for many science fiction writers, those kinds of “what if” scenarios are their bread and butter: What if Columbus had not discovered the New World or What if Hitler had died in World War I? How would the world today be different? 

Yet, as valuable as it is to use the Law of Cause and Effect to help us understand where we’ve come from as a society, it is far more valuable to use Cause and Effect to understand where are thoughts, words and deeds of today are going to take us tomorrow.  

For example, this nation has just endured a bitter and divisive presidential election.  The decision we made has consequences for the Commonwealth, the nation and likely the world.  Amongst many other things, what will those consequences mean for our Nation’s economy, our business climate and the future of national and Virginia politics?

Traditional farming is one of the oldest and relied upon cause and effect relationships that has sustain our world for thousands of years.  The human race has planned, plowed, and sown in order to reap the harvest that will sustain their family, their tribe, their country. 

On Election Day we sowed one of the most controversial seeds in American history, and it’s fair to say that the entire country is now nervously hoping that the harvest is plentiful for all.

On December 1st, consider joining us as we dive into this topic with experts from the Richmond Times Dispatch, the U.S. Chamber, and George Mason University and learn about where they believe our new Chief Executive will lead us.  Click Here for More Information