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Supporting a friend through breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Thank you to Aimee Taylor of the Step Sisters nonprofit for this post.

A woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. So what are the chances that someone in your circle of friends will receive this life-changing diagnosis?

Here are 8 tips to help you reach out to a friend:

1. Give her a ride.
Cancer is exhausting, but so is the treatment. Finding a ride to appointments is often a major concern for breast cancer patients.

2. Feed her and her family. But ask first.
She may not need or want to eat certain foods right now. In some cases, stocking her pantry with groceries may be better.

3. Listen.
Let her cry and vent. She doesn’t always need you to answer. There isn’t always an answer. Just listen.

4. Normality.
While her world has been turned upside down, she still wants the best for her family. Can you help with the kids? Does her caregiver need some time off?

5. The little things.
Run the vacuum. Mow the lawn. Wash a load of laundry. Walk the dog. They all add up.

6. Sit with her.
Breast cancer often means lots of appointments, lots of waiting. Ask if she’d like company in the waiting room.

7. Check in, and give her space.
It’s a ne balance and every woman is different. Even if your friend does not want company, a card or text from time to time may give her the encouragement she needs.

8. Stick with her.
Don’t assume that if she looks well that she really is. Don’t assume that when she has completed treatment that she doesn’t still need someone. See her through.

Thank you to Aimee Taylor of the Step Sisters nonprofit for this post.