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Start the New Year With a Cocktail of Millennial Data

Blog series by Vanessa Wagner, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Manager, Loudoun County, Va Department of Economic Development

The term “millennial” is not new for 2017 but that doesn’t mean your business should discount the importance of this population. Last year the Pew Research Center reported Millennials, defined as those aged 18-34 in 2015, surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation. Since this group is now entering into their prime spending years it’s important for business owners to not only understand these customers, but take action to engage with them. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, new technology platforms in Loudoun County, VA are helping marketers understand how to engage with, and sell to this generation.

Solebrity, a data science startup that specializes in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to the world of ecommerce, launched their new B2B offering, Solebrity Analytics. This was announced after the company’s acquisition of Net Data Direct. In a press release announcing Solebrity’s new business line, Co-Founder and CEO AJ Jaghori stressed the importance of this technology as a “…powerful solution that instantly connects (brands) with their customers on a fundamentally more personalized level through the power of deep learning.”

Purchasing decisions aren’t the only way to aggregate the digital footprint of millennials. Ashburn-based Yolodata strives to make the world a better place by analyzing human interactions in order to predict the best outcomes. To achieve this vision the team has created a platform which collects social, financial and health data analysis. Customers of Yolodata may elect to input their data in addition to what Yolodata’s platform collects. Through deep-learning the technology simplifies the data in way that’s easy to digest for marketers and business owners.

Today’s Loudoun startups are using advanced technologies to take the guesswork out of engaging with the largest consumer population. Business owners in Loudoun don’t all have to be technology experts, but they do have to understand the tools available to help them grow their business.

Make a resolution in 2017 to explore the tech resources in your community by joining the next Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Coalition meetings, or one of the two monthly meetups hosted by the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development: Bytes & Bites: Loudoun or Loudoun Tech Startups.


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