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Small Business Finalist Spotlight: The Organizing Mentors

Thank you to Lisa Geraci Rigoni of The Organizing Mentors, and congratulations!
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1.  Tell us your story of how your company got to where it is today?

The concept of The Organizing Mentors began in 2008 under the brand Leave It To Lisa. We lived in Herndon and I started helping friend’s declutter while we were on playdates with our kids. Their kitchens, garages, basements…The results were so awesome, they started referring me to their friends. I had no idea I was so good at organizing. A friend told me I should start a business. So I did!  I starting networking and grew my business.

We moved to Loudoun in 2012 and I quickly got involved in the Chamber and really saw a big growth in business after that. In 2015 I rebranded to The Organizing Mentors because 1-it wasn’t just me anymore (I have 5 Team Mentors now), 2- I wanted to take my name out of the business. And 3, the name just didn’t fit what we were doing anymore. We really teach and mentor our clients to ‘get their space back Mentally and Physically’. Whether it’s a sort, purge and pack-up for a move, a whole house declutter to get old stuff out or working with an older adult after their spouse passes away. We do what we do best!

I also started presenting and teaching The LITL System for Organizing Anything and that has made a big impact. Since changing the name, I know it’s much clearer what we do and who we are. This year I have reached and surpassed some huge goals. One I really like; I started paying myself this year!!! Whoohoo!

2. What would it mean to you and your company to win a Small Business Award?

To be a finalist is incredible enough sooo actually winning will be difficult to comprehend. I guess winning would help me accept the fact that my Team Mentors and I are truly making a difference in peoples lives. We do it because we are good at what we do and love helping our clients. So, to be recognized by an audience other than the people we work for and with would be a tremendous honor.

3.  If you weren’t running your own business/working at this business, what would you be doing?

I have no idea. Volunteering more…

 4.  What book are you reading right now?  Right now–The Alchemist & Satan, an autobiography

 5.  If you have 24-hours off, and your family was out of town, what would you do?

IDEALLY–sleep late, go the gym, meet a friend for lunch and/or dinner, take a long walk with my dog, read, get to bed early.  REALISTICALLY–catch up on laundry, clean/declutter something, let the dog out a few times, do some work, eat leftovers, watch a show and/or movie I’ve had recorded for months to veg out and end up going to bed way later than I wanted.

6.  What is the smallest thing that has made the largest impact on your business?  Sending Thank You notes to referral partners and clients.

 7.  What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?  Ages 3-10, a bride, a mom, a nun and track star; Ages 10-15, a Mom and a famous dancer/singer/actress

8.  Who is the one person that has influenced you the most in your career?  My Mom. When I was little, she told me I could be and do anything I dreamed. That I didn’t need to work for anyone. And I really never have. My first career, I was a dancer/singer/actress. My Second-I owned a personal training/fitness company. And Now (last?) The Organizing Mentors. I’ve always been my own boss

9.  What is your favorite thing about running a business in Loudoun County?  Freedom, support, good people

10.  If you’re not in the office where can we find you?  In a client’s house decluttering, at a Chamber event, speaking/teaching, volunteering, at the gym, at a VB game for my daughter or out and about in NOVA

11.  What is your favorite weekend activity in Loudoun County?  Wineries, unless I am trying to be ‘good’…haha, at a Women Giving Back or other charity event, or hanging with friends/neighbors.

Thank you to Lisa Geraci Rigoni of The Organizing Mentors, and congratulations!
Register here for the Small Business Awards on November 2, 2017.