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Small Business Finalist Spotlight: Flow Yoga

Thanks to Megan Cartier at Flow Yoga, and congrats again!
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1.  Tell us your story of how your company got to where it is today?

Fourteen years ago, I was teaching yoga to my colleagues in an AOL conference room. My following of devoted yogis grew rapidly. After much soul-searching, and training to become the best teacher I could be, I decided to partner up with another local yogi and open a studio in Leesburg. It was the first of its kind in the area, a true sanctuary where customers could walk in, escape the daily grind, and blissfully practice yoga.

Since then, I relocated the business to Market Station (10 years ago!), opened a second ‘hot’ studio in Ashburn (4 years ago!) and became its sole proprietor (over 10 years ago!). For four straight years, Flow has been recognized in Leesburg Today’s/Loudoun Now Loudoun Times Mirror ‘Best Of’ honors. We are the first and only yoga studio in the county to have received this wonderful recognition. It’s been a fantastic ride and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

2.  What would it mean to you and your company to win a Small Business Award?

It would be a huge honor and would offer the team recognition for their tireless commitment to helping all kinds of people feel happier and healthier through the practice of yoga. 

3.  If you weren’t running your own business/working at this business, what would you be doing?

I’d be spending a lot more time with my husband Tom and five-year-old twins, Marion and Milly.

4.   What book are you reading right now? / What is your favorite book?

“Slow Medicine” by Dr. Michael Finkelstein.

And my favorite book is probably whatever is the last book that made my girls laugh at bedtime and go to sleep happy! Tonight, it was Elephants Cannot Dance by Mo Willems.

5.  If you have 24-hours off, and your family was out of town, what would you do?

Practice yoga, spend time in nature and go shopping at Whole Foods. Thankfully my habits match this award category of Health & Wellness very well!

6.  What is the smallest thing that has made the largest impact on your business?

Attracting and retaining the best yoga teachers in Loudoun County.

7.  What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?

Ironically, at one point, I wanted (and sometimes still want) to be a stay-at-home mom/a baby-machine, I used to tell my Mom. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to be able run my own business and be a great parent (in my opinion!) at the same time.

8.  Who is the one person that has influenced you the most your career?

My parents as they have always been, and still are, incredibly encouraging and supportive.

9.   What is your favorite thing about running a business in Loudoun County?

The people! I love our students, whom we call Flowgis. They are filled with beautiful spirits who allow all of us at Flow to do what we love to do, day in and day out.  And we are grateful that they bring their good vibes into the studio and help to create a community of good souls who truly care about each other.

10. If you’re not in the office where can we find you?

Maybe out walking, at Starbucks, or catching up with the news in a sunny spot outside.

11. What is your favorite weekend activity in Loudoun County?

I know I sound a bit like a broken record…but I truly do have a passion for the practice of yoga.  So, taking a yoga class at Flow is, hands down, my favorite weekend activity in Loudoun.  If I’m with my family, I would say a bike ride on the W&OD trail with a stop at South Street Under for refreshments!

Thanks to Megan Cartier at Flow Yoga, and congrats again!
Register here for the Small Business Awards on November 2, 2017.