Select a Scorecard

If your business owns its commercial space, select the “Commercial Based” scorecard. All other entities, including home-based businesses and businesses operating out of leased spaces should select the “Tenant & Home-based” scorecard.

Each business reporting a minimum of 30 points will be recognized as a Loudoun Certified Sustainable Business for the following calendar year. The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce will recognize each Certified Sustainable business at an annual reception and will further publicize this accomplishment through the Loudoun Chamber’s marketing and public relations efforts. Businesses are also encouraged to publicize their accomplishments through their own publicity and social media.

Additional Award Opportunities

Scores of 50 points and above:

  • Business Excellence Award
  • Three years and more continued Certification
  • Sustained Excellence Award
  • Most Innovative Idea Pat Trammell Award

The Loudoun Certified Sustainable Business scorecard invites businesses to pursue the specific actions identified within the scorecard and/or welcomes creativity for those who prefer to insert their own innovative sustainable actions. Regardless of your preference, the objective is to improve operations, reduce your carbon footprint and gain annual recognition as a Loudoun Certified Sustainable Business.

If your business takes part in an industry-specific sustainability program, appropriate documentation may be submitted to the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce in place of a scorecard. Please submit alternative program information to Staff Liaison, Paige Romanow.