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Personal Check-In for the New Year

This is a Sponsored Post from Loudoun Chamber Member Courtney Jordan, with GiANT Worldwide.

The advent of a new year often causes us to reflect on our lives and those reflections often come with resolutions to change something in our lives. Yet do we really know where to start when we decide to grow and move forward?

The Peace Index helps us understand and express how key factors and specific stressors affect our “peace” and consequently, our health and behavior. Those 5 key factors include: People, Purpose, Place, Provision, and Physical health. When our Peace Index is high, we tend to think more clearly and without distraction.

We also tend to view obstacles more as challenges, and we tend to operate from a place of secure, confident, and humble leadership.

In short, you will be better able to bring your best and Liberate others. But when our Peace Index is low, we are often too absorbed with our own challenges to lead others well and often undermine our own efforts, performance, and culture.

So use the Peace Index to help you take an assessment of your current health and clarify your path toward 100% healthy. Give yourself a score from 1-100 for each category and then average them for your overall Peace.

Be sure to re-assess at regular intervals to stay on track and bring your best each day. You can only BRING your best when you are AT your best. 

Watch a quick video here for more on this tool. © GiANT 2020


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