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Networking on the Golf Course, with Willy Lutz, Raspberry Falls

Networking on the Golf Course with Willy Lutz,
Head Golf Professional, Rasberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club

We are excited to have Willy Lutz, Head Golf Professional at Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club, give us his top 5 networking tips for the golf course!

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Business Networking on the Golf Course 

  1. Be Honest about your Golf abilities. Even if you are an accomplished golfer, it is better to down play your golfing prowess than to over embellish.  Golf is a game of honesty and integrity and potential business clients will want to know that they are dealing with someone who possesses high standards in these areas.
  2. Practice good Golf Etiquette. Your etiquette will say much more to your golfing companions about you than your ability to shoot under par. Brush up on order of play, how to repair a ball mark, how to replace a divot, how to rake a trap etc. If you need help, any PGA Professional can give you guidance and suggestions in just a few minutes.
  3. Build relationships on the course NOT business. Golf is a time to get to know people and relax. Do not fall in to the trap of cornering your playing partners into making difficult business decisions with a hard sell on the course. Gain trust and respect on the links so that you can follow up in a positive manner at an appropriate time.
  4. Be Golf Savvy. Plan ahead and secure a tee time that works for all at an enjoyable course with a good reputation. Take advantage of online course specials so that you can impress your prospective clients with your ability to get a good value at a great course. Pulling out the corporate card to expense golf at peak rate can be perceived as careless in today’s bottom line conscious business climate.
  5. Don’t be obnoxious. All too often Golfers lose their cool on the links because a maintenance worker fires up a mower or a beverage cart girl backs up with a beeping siren at an inopportune moment. Let the little things roll as your business contacts will need to know that you can handle adversity and stay positive.

Thanks so much, Willy for the tips!


Willy Lutz is the PGA Head Golf Professional and Property Leader at Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club in Leesburg, VA. Willy has worked at public and private facilities throughout Northern Virginia since 1999 including Army Navy Country Club, Old Hickory Golf Club and South Riding Golf Club. A PGA Member since 2007 with extensive experience in Golf Course Operations, Corporate and Charity Event Sales and Membership Sales, Willy has generated millions of dollars in revenue on and around the golf course throughout his career. Willy is a resident of Loudoun County and resides in South Riding with his wife Paige and their two daughters.