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Loudoun Can Begin Reopening On May 29th: So What Does That Mean?

Post written by Grafton deButts, VP of Membership & Government Affairs

It’s official, on Tuesday Governor Northam announced that he will delay reopening in Northern Virginia, at the request of regional leadership, until May 29th.  Now that we have a definitive date, what does it mean and how can we prepare for Loudoun to Open For Business.

First let’s dive into the Do’s and Don’ts of Phase I.  Here’s what will be allowed:

  • Non-essential retail increased from a 10-person limit to 50% capacity.
  • Restaurants may now utilize outdoor seating at 50% capacity.
  • Gatherings remain at a 10-person limit.
  • Places of worship increased to 50% capacity.
  • Personal grooming will open by appointment only.
  • Campgrounds are open.
  • State Parks are open for daytime use and overnight in phases.
  • Day-care facilities remain open for working families.
  • Beaches remain open for fishing and exercise only.
  • Fitness and exercise facilities outdoor activities (10-person limit, 10 ft. spacing).

These businesses and activities will remain closed during Phase I:

  • Entertainment facilities.
  • Overnight summer camps.

Additionally, each industry and office environment also have very specific safety and communication requirements that you must fill before you can reopen (click here).

How will you prepare your business for Phase I?

We recommend a strategy in four key areas to ensure that you are prepared for to be Open for Business on May 29th.  We recommend that your strategy is simple and that it is effective in these four areas:

  • Protect Your Business – Adopt a reopening plan based on reopening guidelines, create a response team, and consult with your insurance broker and legal counsel to address liability issues.
  • Protect Your Workplace – Engage your landlord and vendors in your reopening strategy to ensure you have adequate supplies and that your team is aware of all cleaning, PPE, and social distancing guidelines.
  • Protecting Your Employees – Create a reopening plan that communicates to your employees that your workplace is safe and that all HR policies follow CDC and Department of Labor guidelines.
  • Communicate Your Plans, Practices and Policies – Effectively communicate your reopening strategy to your employees and customers so they understand the safety measures in place to for their safety.

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