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Leveraging Conscious Capitalism

This post originally appeared on the UnifiedLine3 website by Chris Powell
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The phrase leveraging conscious capitalism speaks to the triple bottom line; doing good in business while doing good in the community.  Ideally, it stretches into the workplace to provide positive interactions between customers and employees as well.

Blending a business’ everyday activities and employees’ skills within the community creates an outlet for the company to brand itself in a positive manner with its chosen market.  It is a compliment to traditional marketing, which is more direct and can unintentionally be seen as negative at times.  Through community based support, a business is able to connect with current and future customers through a common cause.  Activities serve as invitations to collaborate and improve a situation, solve a problem and help those in need.

It also provides opportunities for employees to donate their time by offering an existing skill to a project, or even developing a new facet of their skill set by serving on a committee/board for example.  All of this enhances the workplace culture – a win win proposition for both employer and employee.

Leveraging conscious capitalism creates positive work/life environments. After all, success with business and helping with a cause can be linked together and certainly are not mutually exclusive.

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