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LeadShare Spotlight: Potomac Leadership Group

Pam Jones, of the Extraordinary Transitions Team at Long & Foster Realtors, is the veteran leader of the Potomac Leadership Group for the Loudoun Chamber’s LeadShare group.

Why does LeadShare work for you and your group’s members?

The Loudoun Chamber’s LeadShare program works for me because I do not look at it as a place to get “sales” but as a group of likeminded professionals that I can first get to know (personally and professionally) through regular participation, and then create a connection and a trust that go beyond the leads that we can provide each other.

I found people I feel comfortable reaching out to for questions, support, brainstorming sessions and specific expertise, willing to provide the same in return to the best of my ability. With these fundaments, the referrals come naturally.

What makes your LeadShare group so special?

Professionalism and friendly atmosphere without the pressure.

How has your involvement as a leader within LeadShare benefited you personally, and our business?

I have grown my business by utilizing the services of many of my group members to prepare listings for sale, update houses that I’ve sold, move my clients, send gifts of flowers, fudge, or Italian cooking parties, utilized the variety of financial services for my own needs, buy a car, refinance a house, maintain my HVAC and other working systems in my house, get massages, have a fun night out at a Murder Mystery dinner theatre performance, and clean Dave’s teeth. When I can’t find the service I need in my group, I look to another LeadShare group for that service, then the Chamber population, and then, if I must go outside the Chamber, I recruit the business to be a new member.

Besides access to new business leads, how do your members benefit from LeadShare?

Leading the LeadShare initiative led to my service on the Chamber Board and as the Emcee of the Networking Breakfast, which gave my business tremendous exposure. I have learned so much from the business owners with whom I worked on various committees and initiatives, including the membership drive and the Executive Committee of the Chamber Board. There are few residential real estate agents that have enjoyed this type of trust from their business colleagues; I appreciate the giving spirit of all my Rowdy Friends!

Are there any industries not represented in your group that you are looking to fill?

    1. Photographer
    2. HVAC
    3. Attorney
    4. Architect

Quotes from members of the Potomac Leadership LeadShare Group

“Our LeadShare has provided the majority of referrals to Openblooms above and beyond all my other networking efforts.”

“The Loudoun Chamber LeadShare program is the gold standard for chambers everywhere! Getting our LeadShare groups together for additional social gatherings is a bonus!”

“The business portion is only part of the great support provided by our group. Personally, our group has provided professional help and emotional support, love, and kindness to me. I feel fortunate to be part of this amazing group.”

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