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LeadShare Spotlight: Health & Wellness

Thank you to Allison Tepper, MS, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian with Tepper Nutrition, for answering our questions about your LeadShare group. The Health & Wellness LeadShare Group meets both in-person and virtually —  1st Wednesday of the month (Chamber Office); 3rd Wednesday of the month (Virtual); 9:00-10:00 a.m.

What is LeadShare? A group of people invested in helping you grow your business while you help them grow theirs.

Why does LeadShare work for you and your group’s members?

LeadShare has been a great way to meet like minded business owners that share in the goal of supporting each other’s practices. We work well together, trust one another and also have fun while growing our businesses. With the connections we make with one another, we feel confident that our referrals will be in good hands.

What makes your LeadShare group so special?

Our LeadShare group is unique because we are all in the Health & Wellness industry and understand the importance of referring our clients to additional services that will help support their goals. Due to the nature of our work and our businesses, our get-togethers outside of meetings include hiking or participating in our member’s fitness classes and offerings. We are also a friendly group and enjoy our time together.

Besides access to new business leads, how do your members benefit from LeadShare?

The greatest benefits of LeadShare are connecting with other members of the community who share common interests, learning from one another and having support with any entrepreneur endeavors. Owning a business has its challenges, and having a group of supportive business owners on your side who can share their knowledge and experiences makes all the difference.

Are there any industries not represented in your group that you are looking to fill?

Yes, we are looking for a Primary Care Doctor, Adult Dentist, Acupuncturist, natural food store/product, speech language pathologist, esthetician and more!

How has your involvement as a Leader within LeadShare benefited you personally, and our business.

I have greatly enjoyed becoming a more active member of the Loudoun Chamber – it has allowed me to expand my connections, has helped me feel more supported in my business pursuits and has created a sense of community. The people in LeadShare and the chamber are great resources and we also enjoy the time we spend together!


LeadShare is a smaller group dedicated to actively building relationships and passing referrals to those in their group. There are more than 10 active LeadShare groups in the Loudoun Chamber. Groups meet twice a month for 60 – 90 minutes. One is sure to be a great fit for you. Learn More