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LeadShare Spotlight: Ashburn Ashkickers

Thank you to the President of the Ashburn Ashkickers LeadShare group, Eugene Booker of Northwest Federal Credit Union, for answering some questions! This group meets the 2nd and 4th Friday at 12 p.m. in Ashburn

What is LeadShare? A group of people invested in helping you grow your business while you help them grow theirs.

Why does LeadShare work for you and your group’s members?

One of the many traits I love about the Loudoun Chamber is the variety of Leadshares that are available to join. What attracted me to the Ashburn Ashkickers when I joined four years ago, was their meeting time. Finding a consistent time to Network can be very challenging. For me, between all of my children’s activities before and after work, navigating my schedule becomes very difficult. Ashkickers takes into consideration others with similar schedules as mine and provides a benefit for those who can and want to meet during their lunch hour.

What makes your LeadShare group so special?

Ashburn Ashkickers has been around for over 12 years. While this group has had many members come and go, 4 of our original members are still with the group. I consider them the pillars of this LeadShare and over the years, they have cultivated a fun, loose atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcomed.

Another factor that makes this group special diverse we are. Whether age, gender, nationality, and personality, it’s a diverse group that has blended well together and we truly enjoy each other’s company.

Besides access to new business leads, how do your members benefit from Leadshare?

Not to understate the importance of receiving referrals from Leadshare, however, that is not solely what makes a Leadshare group great. Leadshare provides us with accessibility to other professions, and services into industries our profession does not offer. Allowing us to provide continued value and connect our members to the right people at the right time of their life.

We do not just want to pass this referral to just anyone, but to someone we have had the pleasure of developing a relationship over time. Leadshares offer an opportunity to make a valuable impact on our members life, often, by guiding them to trusted individuals who will care for them as much you care for your member.

Are there any industries not represented in your group that you are looking to fill?

– Dentist      – Electrician       – Cleaning Service (Commercial/Residential)       – Chiropractor

– Architectural Services    – Health & Wellness       – Promotional Products

– Printing and Signage      – Photography   – IT Sales & Service

How has your involvement as a Leader within Leadshare benefited you personal, and your business?

When I first joined, four years ago, I could barely get through my 30 second introduction. I was filled with anxiety and often flub a line and I would think about it all day. I would have never imagined that I would one day lead this group and sit front and center each meeting. However, my group encouraged me to take on a more prominent presence with the group.

Since I have taken over as President, this past January, I have grown more confident with my public speaking skills as well as organizing and facilitating meetings. This has assisted me this year to take on more speaking engagements within my organization opportunities I would have avoided otherwise.