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Green Business Challenge – Update

Update written by Carol Kearney, Momentum Realty, Committee Chair of the Green Business Initiative

We had a fabulous first of the year at the Green Business committee meeting.  We discussed the green business scorecard and how companies can actually measure their energy savings, as we have built in calculators! Business owners should take advantage of this free opportunity to increase their bottom line. Najib Salehi, from the Loudoun County Department of Transportation & Capital Infrastructure, told of a company that saved thousands of dollars a year by using this tool.  

We have started mentoring companies that need some help with the Green Business Challenge. This is free and makes it easy to complete the score card with your own personal mentor, so be sure to contact Paige Romanow (, if you’d like more information.

Lynn Kay, owner of Unison Advisory, is doing an amazing job organizing our Green Business Series. February 26th our first of the series “Green Renovations and remodeling”. This will educate us about green options many of us never dreamed exist. These educational networking events are held at George Washington University from 8:30 am – 10:00 in February, March, April, June and September.  They are free! Our guests can network and learn about how to make their businesses greener all at the same time.

For more information about the Green Business Committee or events please feel free to contact me or Paige.

Carol Kearney:; Momentum Realty