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Get to the know 2020 CLA Finalists! Brigitta Toruño, UNO Translations & Communications

Congratulations Brigitta Toruño of UNO Translations & Communications for being a finalist in the Executive Leader category!

The 2020 Community Leadership Awards will be presented at the Annual Meeting on January 24, 2020 at The National Conference Center. This is an annual award given in five categories. Learn more here

What does community leadership mean to you/your business?

It makes my heart sing to give back to the community that I have lived in for 30 years – Loudoun County. I am grateful for having the opportunity to serve the community through in-kind and reduced-rate donations, financial donations, volunteering, serving on nonprofit boards and mentoring Latina students. It’s very rewarding to me.

Share with us who/what your inspiration is in making giving back to the community a priority?

My inspiration is heart-centered, faith-centered, and soul-centered. Having grown up low-income with immigrant parents that struggled to make ends meet, it makes me feel so humbled to now be able to give back to the community. And I struggled for many years as well when I was raising my kids. I worked full-time, had a family, and went to school at night to get my college degree. Overcoming adversity is what inspires me to help others – so that others can also see that it is possible to overcome adversity in their own lives. We are one humanity – meant to help each other.

Seeing my parents struggle because of language, made me want to start my language translation company 21 years ago. We offer language translation, face-to-face interpretation and phone interpretation in over 200 languages. We are grateful that we can offer these linguistic services in Loudoun County where they are so needed.

What is your most proud moment in regards to community involvement?

My most proud moment in regards to community involvement was being able to join 100 Women Strong. I heard about it about 10 years ago from Kristina Bouweiri and was inspired by the good work they make possible throughout the community.  I was not at a place where I thought I could join. I feel so blessed to now have been a member for over a year.

How does giving back to the community affect your life?

This is a heart-centered activity for me. It’s part of breathing. I can’t imagine not helping in some way. It has been life changing to serve others.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting more involved in their community?

I would say jump right in. Do not delay. Of course – figure out what are your important missions in life – and help those areas first.

What is a leadership tip or mantra to live by?

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu. I love this quote and I believe that’s what I’ve done throughout my life. I’ve always given what I could in different stages of my life. I hope to continue to give back more and more in the coming years.


Thank you to Brigitta for answering our questions! Congratulations to all of our Community Leadership Award finalists.