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Five Ways to be Green on the Go

– Written by Judy Galen, Loudoun County Government

1)     Look in your back seat.  Fill your empty seats!  Carpooling saves money and helps reduce vehicle emissions. If you can’t carpool to work, consider sharing rides to meetings, events and family activities.  Rather than sitting in a drop-off line at your child’s school, consider forming a school pool. Find someone to share rides with, here.

2)     Work from home.  Virginia Telework Week is March 7-11, 2016.  Pledge to work one or more days from home (unless you’re a home-based business). Telework!VA provides free technical assistance to businesses interested in starting or expanding a telework program.  Details at

3)     Use pedal power.  Spring is coming. Dust off your bike and try biking to work or biking for errands.  You’ll not only save green you’ll get exercise too.  Looking for inspiration?  Bike to Work Day is May 20, 2016. Register for this free, fun event and rally around the cause with other cyclists. Learn more here.

4)     Hop on the bus.  Loudoun County Transit provides local fixed-route service, Metro connections buses and commuter buses. Rather than pulling out your wallet for gas, tolls and parking, consider public transportation for your next event in Washington. Details here.

5)     Maintain your vehicle.  Properly inflated tires, regular oil changes and preventative maintenance will keep your car in top condition.  Find more tips for greener commuting here.


Learn More about the Loudoun Dulles Green Business Initiative

The Green Business Challenge offers businesses the opportunity to demonstrate leadership, improve their bottom line and create sustainable communities. Would you like to excel in all of these areas and be able to tell customers, family and friends that you run a green business? Perhaps your management is looking for new ways to develop the business and also gain recognition for community stewardship? 

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