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Eye on Loudoun: Better Roads Coming Soon!

The Loudoun Chamber has long advocated for sustainable, long-term regional and statewide transportation funding.

Therefore the Chamber was thrilled to hear that the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) is going to invest in regional solutions that will move more of our residents in a cost-effective manner.

The NVTA recently announced more than $500 million in funding for projects in Loudoun County that are focused around projects that have been Chamber priorities for several years.

Among the projects that have been approved for funding are:

  • widen Route 15 and Route 28
  • traffic calming on Route 9
  • extensions to Northstar Boulevard and Shellhorn Road
  • realignment of Watson and Reservoir Roads where they meet up with Evergreen Mills Road. (If you recall, this was the scene of a serious accident in September of 2017, leaving one dead and four others injured.)

Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall, who serves as Vice-Chair of NVTA, said, “It is an honor to be part of this historic milestone for the Authority. The 44 projects in our first Six Year Program will deliver major improvements throughout the region that will not just relieve congestion but improve the quality of life for all Northern Virginians.”

The Chamber congratulates all who were part of the process and offers up a big Thank You for allocating the funding needed to tackle some of Loudoun’s most pressing transportation issues.

The Loudoun Chamber will continue to advocate for effective and efficient transportation solutions in Loudoun County and our region as we work to keep Loudoun as the best place to live, work, and play.