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BizVotes Round-Up: Week of June 1st

BizVotes roundup: This week on the campaign trail June 1-5

Post by Brian Fauls, Government Affairs Manager

OMG, what an insane week on the campaign trail.  Here’s what you missed:

  1. The Democrats finally found a candidate to take on Matt Latourneau: Article
  2. Danny Vargas gave us a few hints of what he’d be like as a delegate if he gets elected (hint, hint.. he wants to be Tom Rust but younger): Article
  3. The rumor mill kicked into high gear saying that Scott York had changed his mind again about retiring: Article
  4. Then Scott York attempted to break the internet (he didn’t – I blame Caitlyn Jenner) by actually changing his mind about retiring: Article
  5. The Loudoun GOP blasts Scott York for not retiring (the 30-day return period on the gold retirement watch might have expired, I don’t know): Article
  6. And the Washington Post blasts Loudoun’s media for taking a politician at their word: Article
  7. Meanwhile, in a quieter corner of the campaign silliverse, Democrat Peter Rush announced a challenge to Delegate Randy Minchew: Article
  8. While Delegate Minchew just quietly kicked off his re-election campaign: Article

Is your head spinning yet?  


Great! So what is the BizVotes Election Campaign?

The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce is committed to educating Loudoun’s voters on where the candidates for state and local offices stand on the important business and community issues affecting Loudoun County.  We provide our members and your employees with the resources and information you need to make it to the ballot box and vote for the candidate you believe will best support Loudoun County’s economy and quality of life.

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