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BizVotes Round-Up: Week of July 20th

BizVotes Round-Up – Week of July 20th

Post by Brian Fauls, Government Affairs Manager

Okay, while he’s not running for political office in Loudoun County per se, I have to say that I’m already tired of Donald Trump’s presidential bid.  Although, on the plus side, Trump’s bid for world domination did compel one of the greatest comic strip artists of all time, Berkley Breathed (Bloom County) to come out of retire just to satirize the Donald.  So we’ve got that going for us. 

Meanwhile in Loudoun County….

  1. The Dulles Area Association of Realtors threw their weight behind a number of candidates for local office:  Article
  2. The Democratic candidate for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors threw down an ethics challenge (her opponents did seem impressed):  Article
  3. We learned that Tom Bellanca is confident he’s the only Chairman candidate that will be ready to work on Day One (you’d think the incumbent Chairman would also be ready should he win reelection but what do I know):  Article
  4. We learned that Leesburg Mayor Umstattd is originally from PENNSYLVANIA!:  Article

That’s it from the campaign trail for this week.   

As a reminder, Loudoun County’s Office of Elections is holding three training session for groups interested in running Voter Registration drives.  Virginia law requires all individuals or organizations requesting twenty-five (25) or more voter registration applications from the State Board of Elections (SBE) or local voter registration offices to register and complete SBE certified training annually.

Information on the training sessions can be found online at the Office of Elections website

Keep your eyes glued to our BizVotes Facebook page for all the news as it happens. 


Great! So what is the BizVotes Election Campaign?

The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce is committed to educating Loudoun’s voters on where the candidates for state and local offices stand on the important business and community issues affecting Loudoun County.  We provide our members and your employees with the resources and information you need to make it to the ballot box and vote for the candidate you believe will best support Loudoun County’s economy and quality of life.  More Info