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BizVotes 2015 – We’re Doing the Work For You!

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Post by Government Affairs Manager, Brian Fauls.

The principle of Caveat Emptor, buyer beware, warns us that a person who buys something is responsible for making sure that it is in good condition, works properly, etc. Shouldn’t we also apply this principle to elections? The first step towards enacting good laws that make business sense and lead to a world class quality of life in Loudoun County is to elect the right candidates.

If only it were this easy. To understand what candidates truly believe (and, therefore, how they will vote if elected) requires much more than merely listening to their campaign slogans.

It requires studying their past voting records (if any), reading a great deal that has been written either by or about them, and asking he or she pointed questions on difficult business issues. Very few business owners have the time or the inclination to dive this deep into each and every local election, despite caring deeply about this community and their customers.

In light of this issue, and many others facing our members, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce created the BizVotes Election Education Campaign.

The BizVotes Campaign is strictly a non-partisan voter education campaign. The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce makes no endorsement of any candidate for elected office, but, provides the resources and information people need to make it to the ballot box and vote for the candidate they believe will best support Loudoun County’s economy and quality of life. Through candidate questionnaires, public forums, and campaign news tracking Loudoun’s voters will be constantly updated on where candidates stand on the key Loudoun business issues.

Engaging is simply, just “like” BizVotes on Facebook and we’ll ensure this information is delivered to you when you want, where you want.