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Behind the Business: Marty Shoup, Blue Lion Multimedia

Thank you to Marty for answering a few questions with us this week!

1.)   What is your company?

My company is Blue Lion Multimedia, a video production, photography, and digital media company located in Leesburg.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with new and inventive ways to promote their products or services through original, honest, fun, and creative visual stories.  Our disciplined, solutions-oriented approach lets clients easily envision the execution and output of their projects, which minimizes surprises and ensures that we stay within schedule and budgetary constraints.

2.)   How did your career start out? 

My career started out in the technology field, with a specific focus on digital video, audio, multimedia, and data management.  The technology skills I learned helped me transition into the video production field, which is unquestionably a big data management challenge.

3.)   How did you get to where you are today in your career? (college, growing up, other jobs, etc.)

I started in photography in my early teens (back when photographers were still having passionate arguments about the virtues of Fujifilm versus Kodak film).  My parents let me use their camera on a trip around the U.S., which is where I learned the basics of photography.  Based on some shots I took during that adventure, I ended up winning “Best of Show” in the very first photography exhibit I entered.  I also had a passion for technology, which led me to earning a degree in computer science.  I stayed involved in digital video, audio, and photography, including working for the Chief Scientist of the FBI for many years researching and building video, audio, and photographic analysis tools to help the FBI in its investigative mission. 

4.)   How did you get involved at the Chamber?

I got involved in the Chamber at the urging of Lisa Kimball, who encouraged me to get more engaged in our community.  You will see me at many of the Chamber functions with camera in hand.  Based on my involvement with the Chamber I feel like I’ve gotten to know so many prominent business and government leaders in our community, so it’s been very valuable for me.

5.)   What is your favorite memory at your job so far?/coolest project you’ve worked on?

I think the coolest projects I’ve worked on have been with the Smithsonian Institution.  I‘ve been lucky enough to have exclusive “behind the scenes” experiences at the National Zoo including filming baby cheetahs undergoing surgery and the artificial insemination of the Giant Panda Mei Xiang that resulted in the birth of Bei Bei.

6.)   What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of my job is the wide variety of things I get to do.  Every day brings something different.  Some days I get to fly in helicopters or climb to the top of an amusement park ride to get a great vantage point shot while other days I’m in front of my computer editing video or creating graphics.  I love the chance to do many different things and learn from each of them.

7.)   Who is your perfect client?

My favorite type of client is an individual or organization that is dedicated to improving people’s lives, which often includes non-profit and smaller organizations.  I think the mindset of people working toward that goal is different than those purely chasing profits. Much more altruistic.  I want to make a positive difference in the world and work with others who share that same mindset.

8.)   What is your favorite thing to do in Loudoun on the weekends?

I tend to be a bit of a homebody and often spend weekends with my family and chipping away at my perpetual “to do” list.  However, I also like to get out and explore the great new restaurants and amenities of Loudoun County.  I also enjoy going on photo excursions to capture the natural beauty the area has to offer.

9.)   What is your favorite app?            

Probably Google Maps.  With the unpredictable traffic in this area, it’s important to know what to expect and have a heads-up when there’s a problem along your route.

10.) What is your favorite place to go out to dinner in Loudoun?

Blue Ridge Grill.  I like that it’s locally owned and serves the most amazing ribs!

11.) What is a hidden passion of yours that people may not be aware of?

I love to sing.  Wait, that’s not true at all.  Actually, coming from a long line of educators (my father was a college professor and my grandmother taught grade school), I have a passion for helping young people become better citizens and achieve their dreams.  Throughout my career I have been involved in promoting and educating our youth, particularly in STEM-related fields.  I also believe that sports play an important role in education.  Some of my must fulfilling experiences were coaching youth baseball and basketball for many years.

Thanks Marty! Check out more of his photography/videography on our Facebook page or on his website!