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Behind the Business: Madeline Gaquin, Loudoun Cares

Thank you to Madeline, Community Programs Manager at Loudoun Cares, for answering a few questions with us, today!

“Building & Serving the Loudoun Community by Strengthening its Non-profits”

Behind the Business with Madeline Gaquin, Community Programs Manager at Loudoun Cares

We’d also like to congratulate Loudon Cares for gaining a new Executive Director this week, Marty Bartell. (Article)

1. Hey Madeline! Thanks for chatting with us. What is your role at Loudoun Cares?

I’m the Community Programs Manager. My two main tasks include running the Volunteer Center, our recently launched online volunteer portal, and Claude Moore Community Builders, our youth volunteer leadership program. 

2. What is Loudoun Cares’ mission and background in Loudoun?

The mission of Loudoun Cares is to build and strengthen the Loudoun community by strengthening its nonprofits. Loudoun Cares started with the idea of our a Nonprofit Center, an office building which offers affordable rent to nonprofits and the ability for those nonprofits to collaborate with one another. In 2004 Loudoun Cares launched the Information & Referral Helpline (703) 669 – INFO, a number to call when you don’t know where else to call. Our helpline specialists assist those in need in the county by directing them to programs and agencies that can best assist with the callers’ needs. Shortly after, the Claude Moore Community Builders program was born with a purpose of giving high school students the opportunity to volunteer throughout the community and in turn creating life-long volunteers for Loudoun. This past year our newest program came about, the Volunteer Center, to help nonprofits obtain more volunteers and for Loudoun residents to be able to easily find organizations to volunteer with. We have quite a wide variety of programs, but they all circle back to our mission. 

3. How did you get to where you are today in your career?

I’m very new in my career, although my path with Loudoun Cares began quite a few years ago as a sophomore in high school. I was a member of the first class of Claude Moore Community Builders back in 2007. The CMCB program instilled in me a passion for volunteering, I continued to volunteer with multiple organizations, one being Loudoun Cares. Over the years I helped with CMCB service days and graduations. This past May I began interning at Loudoun Cares, I graduated from George Mason University in August and was lucky enough to be offered a position here shortly after. I’m so grateful to be where I am in my career at such a young age and I cannot wait to see what my future with Loudoun Cares and the nonprofit community will consist of.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at a non-profit?

My favorite thing is simply the sense of helping, I truly leave work every day feeling satisfied. It’s a wonderful feeling to know the purpose of your job is to positively impact the community you live in.

5. What is an area that people can help/volunteer with Loudoun Cares?

I think the best way to help Loudoun Cares right now is just to spread the word, be an advocate. We have recently launched the Loudoun Cares Volunteer Center – it’s an online portal where members of the community can create a profile and search for volunteer opportunities throughout the county. Join the site and spread the word! 

6. What is your favorite thing to do in Loudoun on the weekends?

Definitely visiting the vineyards around the county. Few things beat spending an afternoon outside with great company, good weather, and a glass of wine. 

7. What is your favorite app?

The Kindle app is my favorite … I love to read so having a book readily available everywhere I go is awesome.