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Behind the Business: Karen Catella, Closet Tag, LLC

1.)   What is your your company?

Closet Tag LLC …. an Organizing Company — I help people de-clutter and get organized.      

2.)   How did your career start out? 

Over the years I helped friends and family organize their lives and I would sell their unneeded items on Ebay and craigslist for them. I always had an interest in organizing so I took some classes and became a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  Besides whole house organizing, I have helped clients clear out their garage/storage areas, and worked on their home offices so they can find their important papers.  Sometime people just have too much stuff — in a non-judgmental way,  I help them make the decision to keep the items or donate them. Then I create an easy-to use system for keeping the house clutter free.  Most of my referrals are from Chamber or Leadshare members who have heard about my organizing service.     

3.)   How did you get involved at the Chamber? 

When I first started my business, I was new to Loudoun County I didn’t know that many people. I joined a volunteer organization to meet others in the community. A friend introduced me to the Chamber and I started attending their events. I was so impressed with the Chamber that I joined one of their Leadshare groups. It has eased me into the process of networking and meeting others in the area. Most of my referrals are from Leadshare or Chamber members.      

4.)   What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is the pure joy I see on my clients’ faces when we have finished a project.  Many of my clients are overwhelmed or so busy that their homes had become in disarray and they had no organized system in the household for the family to adhere to.  My mission is to help people declutter and get organized to give them the peace of mind when they are in their home.  When our minds are at ease it allows us to focus and concentrate on daily tasks.

5.)   Who is your perfect client?

My perfect client would be a busy mom who is overwhelmed.  Many young moms are stressed out with all the daily demands on their life.  I like to help by creating an organized home and setting up a system that is easy to manage for the entire family. I find what works for them to make their life easier.   

6.)   What is your favorite thing to do in Loudoun on the weekends?

Exploring the area and going to the wineries with friends and family.  I love the rolling hills and winding roads that lead us to some the wineries. We are truly lucky to have this landscape right here in our county. 

7.)   What is your favorite app? 


8.)  What is your favorite place to go out to dinner in Loudoun?

Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton or Sweetwater Tavern

9.)  What is a hidden passion of yours that people may not be aware of?

I am a baseball fan!! I grew up in a large family (5 sisters,4 brothers) and our father was a baseball coach and played professionally for a short time. He eventually gave that up to become a teacher so he could afford to take care of his family!   

Thanks to Karen for answering a few questions with us! Visit her website here.