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Asian-American & Pacific Islander History Month Spotlight: Dr. Misty Paul, Basics First Chiropractic

Thank you to Dr. Susmita (Misty) Paul of Basics First Chiropractic for answering a few of our questions!

Where were you born and raised and when did you come to Loudoun?

I was born in Calcutta, India where we lived until I was three years old. I grew up moving around the world due to my father’s job as a petroleum engineer. Home was wherever Mobil Oil sent us. We came to the United States when I was eight and I became a naturalized American citizen at thirteen.

I met my husband while attending undergraduate school in New York. It was his Air Force flying career that started the next round of moves.  Over the next 20 years, we moved frequently until finally retiring from active duty in 2006.  With two young kids, we were searching for a family-oriented place to raise them. Once we discovered Loudoun County, our search was over. The great schools, family atmosphere, and cultural diversity was everything we were looking for. We moved with our family to Loudoun County in 2007. We were home.

How did you get into this line of work?

I was a pre-med student in college pursuing a degree in biology when I met Dr. Tim Maggs.  He was a team chiropractor for my college who helped maintain our athletes in peak condition. He taught me the “health” in healthcare; how healthy habits and a strong physical structure are essential to the foundation of health.  These basics of health can be mastered by anyone.  The idea that people can take charge or their health destiny rather than chase symptoms with medication became my passion and I’ve been researching these concepts ever since.  I completed my pre-med degree and headed to Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri in pursuit of a four-year Chiropractic Degree.

Special Mentors or Inspirations:

One does not move all over the world without meeting special people along the way. I have so many people to thank.  From Dr. Maggs, who inspired my passion for natural healthcare to Dr. Jerry Kosak’s who helped me understand all the complexities of running a business, I’ve been blessed to learn from the best. I can’t even begin to name all the Loudouners who have contributed to Basics First Chiropractic. Most of all, I’m inspired by our patients.  They make every business day feel like a gathering of friends.

Launch of First Business:

After graduating from Logan University, my husband and I were married. I practiced Chiropractic wherever the Air Force sent us. My first business was in Sacramento, California. I would end up selling that clinic a couple years later with the next Air Force move. After many moves and practicing in several different states, in 2008 I purchased a small satellite clinic, Family Chiropractic, in Old Town Leesburg. With this clinic I had finally set my roots. In 2010, we changed our name to Basics First Chiropractic. After all, we were teaching Loudoun the basic steps to health through good chiropractic care! We moved our current location at the Village at Leesburg in 2013. 

What is the Best Part of Your Job and Why?

The best part of my job is helping patients on their journey back to health! It starts by relieving pain with good chiropractic care and then providing the basic tools of wellness. The final transformation of a patient who enjoys a pain free life with more energy and happiness is so gratifying. I especially love helping my patients get back to activities with their families again.

Our patients become our family; we love getting to know them personally. My staff and I have come to learn so much about other cultures. Our Basics First family continues to grow through the referrals of patient’s families, friends, and neighbors.  We have cherished serving our Loudoun community for over a decade now.

Owning/Running a Business in Loudoun:

The Loudoun Chamber made it so easy to start a business. I joined the Chamber soon after moving here and immediately felt welcomed. The Chamber continues to support Basics First today. All the mutual support from Loudoun businesses helped us stay strong throughout the recent pandemic. Developing ties to the Loudoun community has always been the highest priority for Basics First and Loudoun’s local businesses have been our strongest ally.

What Does Asian American or Pacific Islander Month Mean to You?

I am proud to be an Indian American. It was my parents dream to come to the United States to provide a better life for our family. Due to their courage and tenacity, I can call myself an American. I love my Indian heritage and culture and enjoy being part of the diversity we have in Loudoun County. Travelling all over the world opened my mind to other cultures. Our children are lucky to be raised amidst such a diverse community and learn about other cultures without having to travel the world.

What are some of your Favorite Things to Do?

Travel is still a favorite pastime of mine and has stayed in my blood from years of moving around the world. In October 2019, I travelled with my mother back to my hometown in India. What began as a trip to help my mother became my own reunion. The warm welcome and love I received from my family and old friends was priceless. I hope to return soon.

I also enjoy staying active, whether its bike riding, camping, or gardening. We absolutely love all the healthy exercise options available in Loudoun County and our kids got a such great start at healthy living with the amazing youth sports available. It’s rewarding treating young athletes and guiding them into health-conscience adults. Exercise isn’t just about burning calories. Keep those muscles moving and they’ll keep you young.