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Ambassadors Council Spotlight: Sean Biehl, National Capital Bank

Learn more about the Ambassadors Council, click here. Questions about joining the Council? Reach out to Staff Member Dipti Rach,

What is your favorite part of being an Ambassador? 

I enjoy meeting new people and building new relationships.  I naturally want to help others achieve their goals and being a Loudoun Chamber Ambassador Council member, gives you the unique ability to reach out to industries and people you may not otherwise reach out to.

What makes your business unique in your industry? 

When you hear about banking, regarding products, we all usually offer the same products at roughly the same prices.  What I strive to do is when someone asks my client who they bank with, they say ‘Sean Biehl’.  The benefit of being at National Capital Bank is I have access to local decision makers to get answers in a timelier manner.

How has Chamber membership benefitted your business?  

I have been a member of the Chamber for over seven years.  When I recently changed financial institutions, those relationships carried over with me.

What is your single best piece of advice to new Members, so they can take full advantage of their membership?

Be involved.  I had many one-on-one meetings over seven years and continue to do so today.  Join a LeadShare Group, get involved in a Chamber Committee, and ask the Chambers for assistance, when needed.

What do you like about doing business here in Loudoun County?

I really enjoy the diversity of Loudoun County.  I served on the board of The Hilsboro Charter academy for many years which was the second Charter Academy in Loudoun with Middleburg.  At the time, Virginia as a state, only had four charter academies.  In addition to leading the way in education at the youngest levels, the technology sector in Eastern Loudoun combined with the beauty in Western Loudoun where you find all the Wineries and Farm Breweries really make Loudoun the “Bay Area” of the East coast.  Loudoun really is the perfect county to work and play in.

View the National Capital Bank’s website and Sean’s LinkedIn