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Ambassador’s Council: Andrea Johnson, Temple Training

Learn more about the Ambassadors Council, click here. Questions about joining the Council? Reach out to Staff Member Dipti Rach,

What is your favorite part of being an Ambassador? 

My favorite part of being an Ambassador is welcoming new and seasoned business owners into the Chamber. I love being the bridge that connects like-minded people.

What makes your business unique in your industry?

My business is unique to the health and fitness industry because I address clients from a Deep Health viewpoint. Deep health is about thriving in all dimensions of your life. It’s a multidirectional approach to self-care; I help transform the mind, body, and spirit. It is the only approach that cultivates lasting change.

How has Chamber membership benefitted your business?

Through my Chamber membership, I have not only been able to grow my business I have created meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs that allow me to feel more connected to this journey with great confidence.

What is your single best piece of advice to new Members, so they can take full advantage of their membership?

The one piece of advice I would give new Members is to show up, ask all the questions, receive all the wisdom, and connect with other business owners that are walking the same path. Show Up!

What do you like about doing business here in Loudoun County?

The best thing about doing business in Loudoun County is the diversity! I have clients from all walks of life. I can help them with fitness and nutrition, and they show me how to view this journey from many perspectives and traditions.