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Ambassador Spotlight: Landey Patton, King Street Insurance

Thank you to Landey Patton for all you do on the Ambassadors Council! Check out his website here.

What is your favorite part of being an Ambassador?

Connecting with and helping new Chamber members. The new Member Orientation is one of my favorite events, and the energy the ambassador team brings is infectious!

What makes your business unique in your industry?

Near instantaneous communication and connection with an agent who knows your policy intimately. Many companies don’t take the extra 30 minutes to go through a policy in detail with a customer – vital on homeowners and business insurance policies which can have plenty of options and endorsements to add or remove coverage.

How has Chamber membership benefitted your business?

Chamber members have afforded my business social proof and supported us consistently over, close to, the last decade. Referral partners take years to develop but the Chamber’s efforts to connect the business community accelerate this significantly.

What is your best advice to new Members so they can take full advantage of their membership?

Show up, reach out, search out like-minded folks, and develop relationships not tied to ROI. Referral business will come naturally if you seek a genuine connection with others.

What do you like about doing business here in Loudoun County?

Loudoun is open for business. People support our local businesses and are vocal about it. The business community is inclusive and supportive, direct competitors will cheer for your success and offer guidance if needed. It’s a true testament to the quality of entrepreneurs in our county.