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Age Related Illnesses

-Written by Hunter deButts, Water for Wellness, LLC

I love when people reference: “age-related illnesses.”  What exactly is an “age-related illness?”  Are we suppose to get sick as we get older?  Is this something we can all look forward to, or is there something we can do to prevent “age-related illness?”

Five years ago, at 61, I tried to get dental implants.  I was told I was not a candidate due to bone deterioration. I asked my dentist what the cause of the deterioration was, and his answer was “age.”  We all expect to get severe aches and pains, harder clogged or less pliable veins, and weaker bones and muscles as we grow older. We all expect to become sick because this is what we are taught – and this is what we accept. 

Unfortunately, age-related illness and chronic illness are both on rise in the U.S. Our longevity is dropping to the point where we are no longer in the top 50 countries. But, what are we going to do about it?  We can either accept this, or we can do a little research and identify ways to protect ourselves from age-related Illness. I opted for the latter and this is a little of what I discovered…

According to Dr. Joel Wallach, the acclaimed author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” the body needs 90 essential nutrients to fully function. We are lucky if we are getting 25 of these essential nutrients in our diets today!

According to Dr. Thomas Rau, all chronic illness (I am assuming age-related Illness falls in this category somewhere) is caused by three conditions: dehydration, acidity and inflammation. Diabetes – for one – is an acidic condition. Cancer, heart disease and arthritis are all inflammatory conditions. And, of course, we know that without water, we would die.

In our minds, we are all different.  But really, our bodies are all pretty much the same. Your body needs the same nutrients as mine does. Our diets are different, so some people may be getting more nutrients than others, but we all need the same. 

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and 5 years ago I was completely disabled.  It was also costing me thousands of dollars every month in medicine and lost income. Doctors told me there was nothing they could do. I even tried non-conventional doctors who put me on loads of herbs and supplements. Unfortunately, none of this worked very well.  It wasn’t until I started drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water and adding as many of the 90 essential nutrients to my diet that I started seeing improvement in my health.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water penetrates the cells much better than anything else I had ever drank before.  It simultaneously eliminated inflammation and brought my body back into the proper alkaline balance. Not any different that what you would do for your garden!  The water is also very rich in antioxidants to further keep inflammation from forming.  This alone removed the acidic condition while properly hydrating my body on the cellular level, removing inflammation. The antioxidants did the rest.

I started taking a vitamin that had as many of the essential nutrients as possible and I found another product that did the rest. I do not take the handfuls of herbs and supplements any longer.

My Lyme Symptoms are all gone and I feel good.  Better yet, I did get those dental implants that I wanted! 

By making just a few small changes in my day-to-day life and “keeping it simple,” I have reversed the age-related digression.  My doctor now tells me that at my age, I should be going in the other direction.  Over the last 5 years, our little group has grown to well over 1,500 and we are all doing what we can to reverse sickness.  And, I’d be honored to help anyone do what I did.  

-Written by Hunter deButts, Water for Wellness, LLC


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