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A Water Love Story

A Water Love Story

By Laura Crump Anderson, Inform Fitness
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I would like to think that my husband Kramer’s Health and Wellness journey began with me dating me. We were in college and I was getting my degree in exercise science. However, 6 years later in early 2018 Kramer’s Fitness story began the day he walked past a water bottle in target and said “you know I should drink more water.” He picked up the water bottle and put it in the cart, and I would like to think that I kept my mouth shut and kept walking. Most likely I made a remark along the lines of what I thought his wellness goals should be and in turn ruining a perfectly nice shopping trip. Thankfully the bottle remained in the cart.

For the next month Kramer brought that bottle with him everywhere. It always had water in it and the best part was he was actually drinking, it astonished me that this small trick had worked. I kept my mouth shut this time. He started going to the gym regularly, almost as if the bottle he carried around was regular reminder to take care of himself. Two months later, the conversations began about going to see a nutritionist.

He signed on for 6-months of coaching with a nutritionist as a stepping stone to reach his health and wellness goals. Kramer continued to go the gym and the whole time, he was accompanied by his water bottle. He is now regularly posted on the wall as a success story at his gym, for greatest attendance. Mind you that as a personal trainer myself, I have many times over the course of our relationship, tried to force my husband to train with little to show for it.

As much as I would like to take credit for any of Kramer’s story I can’t–this was his decision, his actions, and is his success story. But as his partner I am incredibly proud of him. It all started with him drinking more water.

Everyone’s path to wellness is different small steps work well for some & major lifestyle shifts are necessary for others. One thing is for certain by picking up a bottle of water when you are thirsty instead of a sugary beverage or something loaded with chemicals, you a making the healthy decision. It could be the beginning to kickstart something great!