Chamber Insider Blog

A Little Introduction…

Fellow Loudoun County friends & neighbors,

Taking some time to reflect before we launched this blog, our President of the Chamber Tony Howard and I discussed what we wanted this blog’s purpose to be. We want this blog to be for and about Chamber members, highlighting great people, going behind the scenes with some of the amazing businesses we have here in our county and hopefully brightening your workday.

 I know Tony laughs at my “new-fangled” ideas (kidding) about blogs, tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts, but I know he trusts that we, as a team, will take this endeavor and run with it to continue to highlight some of our awesome members here at the Chamber. We will be bragging about our home—showing you our favorite parts of our county, introducing you to neighbors you should know, and giving you an inside scoop of things going on at the Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s to hoping you will come alongside us while we continue our work to make this a great place to grow, work, play and raise a family. See y’all soon,