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2019 Committee Spotlight: GovCon Committee

Thank you to Matt Stavish & Jeff Powell, Chair & Vice Chair of the GovCon Committee, for answering a few of our questions. The GovCon Committee meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 8 a.m. Learn more about the GovCon Committee. 

1. What is the mission of your committee in your own words?

To educate and connect government contractors and service providers, resulting in increased business opportunities.

2. What is your favorite part of being a part of your committee?

Working with professional people focused on creating a rising tide in the Loudoun County GovCon community.

3. What is your favorite event that your committee hosts and why?

Any event that leads to a meaningful connection(s) for people to improve their respective business. We provide valuable learning and networking opportunities at events that range from small workshops to large seminars.

4. What types of individuals would excel in this committee?

Doers.  We make things happen and need people that create and execute on solutions to the challenges facing the community.

5. What are some of the committee’s 2019 goals?

We want to be better than 2018; have more impact, reach out to more government contractors in our area, create more revenue for all parties, create more opportunities for growth.