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Tech Coalition: How Data Centers Can Create Business Opportunities

Thank you Buddy Rizer, Director of Loudoun County Economic Development, for writing this post.

Register for the Technology Coalition event here! “How Data Centers Create Business Opportunities”

Technology Coalition: How Data Centers Create Business Opportunities

Loudoun County is home to more than 6 million square feet of data center space, with another 3 million square feet under construction or in development.  But the impact of the industry goes far beyond the data centers themselves.   The Department of Economic Development estimates that the local economy receives an additional impact of $10 million per year from jobs created both directly and indirectly the data center industry. Data centers create hundreds of jobs as part of a mix of company, customer and 3rd party contractors. 

The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event on Tuesday, October 27thbringing together data center and IT industry leaders for a discussion on how data centers are creating economic opportunity, and jobs, for Loudoun County and our residents. 

Attendees at this event will:

– Hear directly from several business leaders whose companies are working in the Loudoun’s data centers

– Have the opportunity to connect with the Loudoun data center industry’s top leaders and entrepreneurs.

If your company is involved in: Construction + Engineering + Data protection + disaster recovery + cloud services + Physical and virtual security + Cooling + Electrical + Power management and backup + Cabling and connectivity + Capacity Planning + Management Asset Lifecycle Management + Uptime and Availability + Energy Efficiency + Maintenance + Cleaning Services + Tech Refresh + Virtualization or any other related field; this event is for you!


Register for the Technology Coalition event here! “How Data Centers Create Business Opportunities”

Once again, thanks to Buddy Rizer, Director of Loudoun County Economic Development, for writing this post.