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We need your Tweets!  Our local economy and our safety as a nation is at risk if government agencies are continued to be allowed to choose the lowest price option for defense contracts.  Tweet out your support for the our safety and for our jobs!

Contact Our Representatives Via Twitter

Copy And Paste this Tweet to Each Representative Above (if you’d like)
“Cheap cybersecurity = bad cybersecurity. Protect our warfighters, protect our tech industry, support S.2826/H.R.4999 in NDAA”

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is in debate as we speak, and we are working to inform our lawmakers that the “Lowest Price Technically Acceptable” standard is only weakening our country’s defense against all foreign and domestic threats.

In fact, there are growing concerns being voiced by Members of Congress and outside experts that our armed forces are already falling behind in their technological superiority, because DoD’s procurement processes do not allow them to procure best value contracts for cybersecurity and key technologies to protect the homeland, only lowest price contacts.

Please take a moment to communicate to our federal lawmakers the importance of increasing the standards by which these contracts are awarded in ordered to ensure that we are protected against the ever advancing threats against us.