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Spotlight on the Finalist: Allegra Print, Signs & Design

Thank to John Flynn and the team at Allegra Print, Signs & Design Dulles, for answering a few questions with us. Congratulations on your nomination for Small Business of the Year!


1.  What would it mean to you and your company to win a Small Business Award?

It would mean everything not only to me but to my staff. It would validate that our mission as a service first organization and doing the right thing for your customers is what really matters. Being acknowledged by your peers as a company that has done a good job is the highest of honors and a goal we strive for every day.

2.  What business person has influenced you the most?

My father for sure. His motto of WORK HARD AND BE NICE is something that has always stuck with me. I actually have a sign behind my desk with these exact words.  Having the same care for your employees as you do for your customers is what allows a business to grow and prosper. He was a kind man who always put others success in front of his own.

3.  If you weren’t running your own business, what would you be doing?

I always wanted to be a high school basketball coach. I played in college and loved the game. High school  sports can have a lasting effect on a young person. I would have loved to be the person when they look back that had a positive influence on their lives.

4.  What book are you reading right now?

I actually spend my time reading industry magazines and business periodicals. I like the knowledge I gain from others in the business world that have been successful or helpful to others.

5.  What is your favorite app?

WAZE – Who likes being stuck in traffic?

6.  If you had a full 24 hours off, and your family was out of town, what would you do?

Work in the yard. I like the outdoors and when I have free time I look for any project outside. Cutting trees, landscape, cut grass…if it’s outside, I’m happy.

7.  What is the smallest thing that has had the largest impact on your business?

My wife has NEVER complained about the amount of time I spend at work. Running a business is very time consuming as most know . My wife knew I would rather be at home with the family, but understood the time constraints of a small business owner and always backed me.