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Rapid Mobile Application Prototyping

Written by Tim Reichert, EnergySherlock

Mobile Application (MA) growth will total some 210 billion annual installs on users’ devices between 2016 and 2020, and generate an estimated $57 billion in direct revenue to MA developers (source International Data Corporation). MA’s have been successful in solving a wide variety of consumer and business challenges in all major industries, and there continues to be huge opportunities to leverage the creativity and innovation of entrepreneurs to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

When taking the plunge to develop and deliver a MA, there are a multitude of factors to consider that will impact your decision on how to proceed in order to minimize the risk of wasting your finite resources of time and money.  Many organizations spend months in the MA design phase and incorporate the use of R&D project funding (usually a low 6 figure cost) before deciding to actually invest in developing the MA (usually a 6 to 7 figure cost). The output of the design phase is only a document that shows due diligence has been performed; however, it is not able to prove your MA can be built, the MA will not have serious design problems or that your MA will work as designed.  Good information to know before committing more time and money.

Loudoun-based RMAP LLC, a subsidiary of EnergySherlock, uses a proprietary technology and process to take high-level MA design requirements to build an actual, full functioning Rapid Mobile Application Prototype (RMAP) usually within 4 weeks.  The RMAP will be a native app that can be installed on your mobile device and used to test functions to prove the MA can be built and will work as designed.  In addition, the RMAP outputs can be integrated with your internal systems, and all code is fully functional and can be used as a baseline to build the final MA when the project is fully approved (saving you more time and money).

RMAP has been employed by several industries successfully such as DoD, DoE, DHS, Education, VIP Security and Military. RMAP applications related to security tracking for individuals/groups, supporting logistics requirements, enhancing training capabilities and keeping large events fun and safe have been completed.  By bringing time and costs down significantly, small to medium sized firms can leverage RMAP to compete successfully with much larger firms to secure contracts and to experiment with innovations cost effectively.

RMAP can create 10,000’s of different kinds of MA to support your unique company, customer and market place needs.  We are interested in becoming a critical solution provider for your team and helping you lower the cost and risk of developing the next wave of world-class MA’s. We hope to meet you at the next Loudoun Tech Coalition meeting on September 22nd.

Written by Tim Reichert, EnergySherlock

If interested in learning more about RMAP or have a MA project in mind, please send inquiries to or call 703.346.7584.

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