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Out with New Year Resolutions and In with Vision Statements

By Dr. Suzanne Nixon,

New Year’s Resolutions have become such a huge annual ritual in the United States it is amazing Hallmark hasn’t capitalized on the event.  Just imagine if they created cards with messages like: “Wishing you Much Success with Your New Year’s Resolution” or “You Can Do It! Eat Light and Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight Will Come True”.  Is that the inspiration needed in order for Americans to be successful with their New Year’s Resolutions? According to Dr. Ed De St. Aubin, a professor of psychology (2015), only 8% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions are successful. With Americans failing miserably, it’s time to replace NY Resolutions with Vision Statements.

First let’s examine New Year’s resolutions. They are goals we set for ourselves, declarations of what we no longer want and a declaration of what we do want. Typically it is a personal characteristic, a behavior or condition we have not liked about ourselves, like a health, relationship or work issue. And because the New Year signifies a new beginning, a movement of letting go of the past and welcoming in the new, the New Year has become the opportunity to regroup and vow to make these positive changes.  As the saying goes, “A New Year, A New You”.  

Because of the incident of failure, I believe the need for a new perspective on New Year’s Resolutions is at an all-time high.  My suggestion is to shift from a resolution mindset to a business mindset.

Reflect on the most critical factor in starting your business. Where did you begin? …..with a vision.  As an up and coming business person chances are you first had a series of thoughts and feelings that ultimately birthed an idea. You had a picture in your mind’s eye of your business and how it would help people or make a contribution to society.  Maybe you mapped it out on a large white board or shared your idea with a good friend. Out of this creative process emerged a vision statement, the first step in writing a business plan. A vision statement is a written declaration describing in clear and inspirational language exactly what your company wants to create and manifest and how it will contribute to the good of the future.

I invite you to replace your New Year’s Resolution with a Personal Vision Statement, a more positive, lean me forward mindset which invites success.  Begin by asking yourself, “How do I see myself in the New Year?” “What do I want to become?” “What is my vision?” “How will it feel if I become it?” Grasp the image. Envision it. Think it. Feel it. Write it down. Read it every day. Affirm it every day.

Your thoughts and your vision are the greatest contributors to your success. Change doesn’t happen because you make a resolution, change happens because you see what you want to become, take actions to make it happen and begin living the vision. 

What and who we become is not a matter of destiny, it is a matter of choice. Begin by writing a Vision Statement, and have a Happy New Year.


Chamber member Dr. Suzanne Nixon is a licensed professional therapist, integrative health coach, wellness specialist and professional speaker.