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New Interagency Program Links Technology Companies and State Government

Shared by Conaway B. Haskins III, Extension Specialist, Economic & Entrepreneurial Development; Virginia Cooperative Extension | Virginia Tech Richmond Center

On Monday, November 27, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) has partnered with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) to research, share and evaluate businesses who have made advancements in information technology (IT) that may be of value to state government. The joint state agency initiative will be managed by CIT’s Innovation Center of Excellence (ICE).

Since 1985, the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) has been Virginia’s primary driver of innovation and entrepreneurship. A state-controlled nonprofit corporation, IT accelerates the next generation of technology and technology companies through commercialization, capital formation, market development and revenue generation services. To facilitate national innovation leadership and accelerate the rate of technology adoption, CIT creates partnerships between innovative technology startup companies and advanced technology consumers.

“Harnessing technology to serve taxpayers more effectively is a challenge that every government faces,” said Governor McAuliffe. “This partnership between CIT and VITA will connect innovative businesses with potential customers in government agencies who can put their technologies to work making life better for the Virginia families we serve.”

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency is the state’s consolidated technology services and solutions provider responsible for the state’s technology infrastructure, governance, security, oversight of major IT projects, and procurement of technology-related goods and services on behalf of state and local governments. VITA’s Innovation Center of Excellence was created last year under the direction of Virginia’s Chief Information Officer Nelson Moe.

“Each month, VITA ICE invites interested suppliers to demonstrate advancements in technology to agency representatives who may be looking for solutions to business challenges,” said Nelson Moe. “This forum provides that opportunity. Agency staff and interested suppliers can attend the sessions and we are already experiencing attendee growth as word spreads.” 

Since its inception, ICE has given 15 demonstrations and presentations on topics such as big data management and analytics, cybersecurity partnerships and the driverless future. These presentations have brought in more than 630 total participants. Nearly 60 suppliers have enrolled after VITA ICE’s presentations began at the start of the 2017 fiscal year. VITA ICE has also entered into 15 collaborative partnerships, including partnerships with the University of Virginia on social media and data analytics, the City of Fredericksburg on smart roads, and Amherst and Page Counties on distance learning.

“We are proud to be part of this initiative and look forward to supplementing the impressive work done by our partners at VITA,” said Ed Albrigo, President and CEO of CIT. “CIT is well positioned to help establish additional supplier relationships with small and emerging technology businesses that do not yet have state contracts but may have offerings that can address the business needs of the Virginia government in serving the commonwealth’s citizens, businesses, and visitors.” VITA ICE also has established a clearinghouse of information on the latest technology offerings that CIT can support and grow. More than 40 demonstration and research documents have passed through the clearinghouse since it was established.

Virginia’s Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson, a leader in government innovation efforts spoke highly of this new effort saying, “I am very pleased that VITA and CIT have chosen to undertake this collaborative venture.” Jackson noted that “State government often finds it difficult to ‘keep up’ with the pace of innovation, especially in the information technology sector, and this new partnership will provide a platform for mutually beneficial information exchange and relationship building.”


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