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National Breastfeeding Week

Post by Covington Brown, member of the Health & Wellness Committee and an Evaluation and Sustainability Specialist at the Loudoun County Health Department. Thanks for the helpful information!

August 4-7th marks World Breastfeeding Week and this year the focus in on “Breastfeeding and Work, Let’s Make it Work!”

Companies can help their working mothers continue to provide breast-milk by providing space and time for mothers to express their milk in privacy.  And, guess what?   Studies have shown that this can benefit your business with a 3:1 return on investment: Employers who support their breastfeeding mothers will have less absenteeism, lower health insurance costs, as well as lower turn-over due to happier, more loyal employees.   The Loudoun County Health Department offers a Tool Kit to help your company help your working mothers or for more information, visit HRSA’s website on the Business Case for Breastfeeding.

Please join the Loudoun County Health Department, the Chamber of Commerce, and our local companies, communities, and families as we celebrate and support those mothers who are working and continuing to provide breast-milk for their babies.